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There’s a slew of news these days that we could all easily get buried under. Technically Food, my newsletter (and book of the same name) will give you the context behind what’s bubbling up in the food world. Maybe it’s Bill Gates saying we need to eat “synthetic meat,” or it’s the hot ingredient or a new technology that claims to save our food system. What should we be asking when we read the alluring headlines?

My newsletter will bring both sides of the food world—it can save us, it may not save us—filtered through my lens. Are you an investor, editor, writer, foodie, chef, scientist, startup founder, it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement for “NEW,” which means you’re missing the big picture.

New newsletter, who are you?

I’m Larissa Zimberoff. I’m an investigative journalist and I cover the intersection of food, business and technology. I also love food. A lot. But I have type 1 diabetes, which means I *think about food and question what I eat. A lot. Right now that translates to all the weird and not-so-weird foods that are hitting our supermarkets, or being talked about in the media. My book on the topic, Technically Food: Inside Silicon Valley’s Mission to Change What We Eat, is out now. You can buy it in hardcover, Kindle, and audio, which I narrate. You can also find it at your local bookshop. Go local!

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Take a peak at the website to read some past editions and join the growing number of people who care about what they eat. In case you’re wondering, that’s me below. (Hi Mom!)

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I am an independent journalist covering the intersection of food and technology. I dig in to the nitty gritty of the business of food: who's making it, how they're doing it, and what it means for our personal health and wellness.